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September’s End

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

One thing I will never do in Paris, eat frites dipped in mayonaisse! One thing I will never get used to –stripping naked in front of a French doctor, even a woman, in her office then climbing onto the table! Jim and I are now on the French health care system and learning the ropes. Our travels took us earlier this month to Cabourg in Normandy  for a “William the Conqueror”  12 k randonnée, a so-called walk that’s more like a hike. We completed the hike, ate great seafood, walked the beautiful English Channel beach, and enjoyed the sunshine.

     Look for France Magazine in October at Barnes Noble, possibly Borders and other bookstores. My “My France” profile with actress Leslie Caron is in this edition. Last night some female friends joined my at the famous literary Café Floré for a celebration. I heard from my friend Tish Duvé in St. Petersburg that her subscription copy arrived in the mail.

     Next week is “Bloomed Where You Are Planted” at the American Church here, a two-day orientation extravaganza for newcomers to Paris. Jim and I are kitchen and photo volunteers –today at a French boulangerie we ordered 225 vegetarian quiches for lunch  on Monday, in French no less. Bloom reminds me of looking through my Uncle Sing’s trunk after my grandmother died. He had died several years before. He was an Army veteran and served in Vietnam as a special advisor. In his belongings was a booklet given to newcomer families in the early 1960s, similar to the Bloom book, with information about schools, how to do laundry, where to grocery shop and the best restaurants. Then there was a  later letter written to my grandmother, telling her that all family members, women and children, had been ordered to leave Vietnam. Those historical documents are safe in storage in the USA.

     My goddaughter Kristin Hall is across the English Channel in Stratford, starting her master’s program at the Royal Shakespeare.  My Aunt Nell in Georgia faces some health challenges so she is in our thoughts. Our friend and author Marian Coe died in late summer. Jim and I met at a singles group she facilitated at the Clearwater Unitarian Universalist Church.

     We so much enjoyed our September company, Ronnie Goodstein and Laurie Hudson from St. Petersburg-Tampa, and Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hoffmann from Clearwater. September is the official start of the “New Year” here. The French operate on school year time. Our best to you all,  wish you were here, Pam and Jim