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Linda Lappin rocks in Vitorchiano, Italy

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

In my continuing rave about Vitorchiano, the news of Linda Lappin’s latest book now hits the news. Linda, founder and director of Centro Pokoli with her husband Sergio, remains a profilic award-winning and praised writer; See Thomas Kennedy comments below-bravo. Jim and I have visited the mysterious monster garden featured in the book.

The latest book, Signatures in Stone, is by Linda, author of The Etruscan and Katherine’s Wish. It’s a terrific novel set in Italy in the 1920s, and featuring a middle-aged writer of mysteries who has a drug problem and needs to find a way to  (1) kick the habit, and (2) write her next novel. She gets involved with several characters who may or may not be very upright. What’s really going on in the mysterious estate with its strange sculpture-filled garden? Suddenly, a murder. Hmmm.

Author Thomas Kennedy said this about the novel:”Linda Lappin is a master of place, of character, of the past, and of literate prose – as anyone who has read her brilliant novelistic portrait of Katherine Mansfield, Katherine’s Wish, can attest.  To her newest novel, Signatures in Stone, she brings all these formidable literary skills and stirs in a mystery and a murder, set in “Monster Park,” in Bomarzo. Signatures in Stone is a journey not only back in time to early in the last century, but also to a dramatic, frightening Italian landscape with four eccentric traveling companions in an automobile to hell.   Signatures in Stone is as brilliant as it is entertaining.”The ISBN is 978-1-929355-90-7, 

Linda will be in Paris the end of June to teach at a writing project in Montmarte. Jim and I still marvel at our trip and will post photos and more travel on this blog.