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A Few French Things

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

A few quirky things from my French hospital stay and otherwise:

  • When asked “what do you want for breakfast,” don’t expect a choice of bacon and eggs. This means, “Do you want coffee, tea or hot chocolate with your French roll?”
  • Flowers, live plants of any kind are not allowed in French hospitals.
  • Hospitals are generally well furnished but you must bring your own towels. This also helps when lost: I ventured out in the hall at night and re-entered into a man’s room-his towels tipped me off – oops!
  • There was no ice for beverages in the hospital and this remains the same at most French cafes and bistros. McDonald’s and Subway are the best ice bets.
  • Get over it – women and men often share public toilets-after all we do at home don’t we?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-and I do not like French Christmas cakes- buche de Noel or Gallette des Rois.