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View from the Paris' rooftops

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Our boulevard Saint Germain apartment offers a balcony view of the Notre Dame towers- ooh  la la- despite 2009’s challenges, life is looking good. It especially feels good to tread the computer keys although my kiné-that’s physical therapist to you yanks, says to limit to two hours a day.

Today I will share some fave writers I know here and some websites for you to search out–

first the sites- parlerparis by Adrian Leeds and Eye Prefer Paris by my friend Richard. Happy Searching!


Lynn Jeffress, author of The Dali Code & Other Paris Stories- Lynn’s stories offer a juicy, gritty look at Paris life, beyond the tourist tales. Richard offers behind the garden gate views of Paris and great tours.

Please google or search otherwise for Laura Lam and her book “Late Blossom.” Laura provokes you with her Viet Nam true tale of life during the French and American occupations.

And Leslie Caron’s memoir “Thank Heaven” offers  a fascinating plunge into the life of this so interesting woman.  I heard her speak recently at the American Library in Paris.

Don’t miss ” Moonlight in Odesa” by Janet Skeslien Charles, a fascinating entreé into the world of mail order brides.

Happy Reading in 2010- that’s all for today’s rooftop tour of Paris!


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FOOD, For What it is worth!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I must confess. I find most of the restaurant, bistro and café food overpriced and almost inedible. The latest big disappointment was Gerard Depardeau’s dining tome, La Fontaine Gaillon. The fish was flavorless, parma ham way too salty, and the cost 40 plus euros per person at lunch. The only reason we dined there was because Jim celebrated a wedding there that day.

So where do I recommend?

Lao in the 13th arr -home to many Asian restaurants – most all are good and well-priced. Lao, the best Thai cuisine we have ever had, was named one of the best by Paris newspaper Le Figaro.

Chez Gladines in the 15th arr- a Soho type neighborhood place where we sit with other French people -cheap and good.

Breakfast in America in the 5th arr- our home away from home- a real breakfast and good veggie burgers.

Le Reminet– near Notre Dame in the 5th- good French food – a reasonable lunch offering- 12 euros for three courses.

XXL in Versailles- excellent Belgian cuisine- Grandmother’s rice pudding to live for!

Polidor-French comfort food in the 6th arr- near the universities-a literary hangout but watch out for the turkish toillette.

So don’t be ripped off by tourist traps! And don’t miss our favorite crepe spot near Montparnesse – Gosselin!