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Rude, pas moi French experience

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Local news station France 24 where my next door neighbor is a producer, features newspaper stories from the US and England on Sunday, yesterday railing about the rude French. PARDON MOI but I so seldom have this experience. Our neighborhood shopkeepers are nothing but helpful and kind; taxi drivers wish me bon courage as they take me to the hospitals; our French poodle is offered too many treats.

  So where do these conceptions come from?  From loud tourists  furious over lack of ice and the French custom of not serving coffee until after dessert? From anger at waiters not used to customers wolfing their food? The French consider dining an art, not a fast food fight.

Friday night we applauded 80-year-old Leslie Caron in a “Little Night Music” at Theater Chatelet in Paris. French, Americans, an International audience packed the show. Steven Sondheim was in the audience too. Before the show we enjoyed an early supper next door a the beautiful Brasserie Zimmer. Excellent food and service,  not a rude waiter in site.

Viva la France, Pam 

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Oak Run and Paris- A view from the rooftops of the world

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

I call Paris our Oak Run; referring to the 50 plus retirement community where my stepfather lives in Florida. My stepfather plays master’s bridge. We could do that in Paris if we so desired. Granted he golfs year round. World-class golf exists near Paris in good weather months.

WE do not own a car, instead opting for excellent bus, metro and train travel. This also forces us to walk often to purchase groceries. Florida has colleges, universities and museums where exhibits and lectures stimulate the mind. Paris also offers such a bounty.

Florida does have year-round sunshine and beaches, something we miss in Paris. However, we look forward to Normandy beaches in the summer.

We choose to live here,  covered by the excellent French medical system, enjoying our Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower view from our boulevard Saint Germain balcony.

My stepfather calls Florida god’s country. We call Paris the same.

Viva la France and the USA.

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