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Day by day in Paris

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

What do you in Paris is a question often heard from friends in the USA and tourists in Paris. So I am putting the question back to all of you- what do you do wherever you live?

We walk our dog as you all do on city streets and in parks, taking care to use pick-up bags as not enough French are still eager to use.

We shop for food- roti chickens, fresh produce, and bakery bread as many of you at Fresh Market stores, Publix supermarkets, farmers’ markets and produce stands that dot roadsides and Fourth Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We look for dining values at local bistros-there is even an early bird special at the French Hippotamus steak house chain. We go to version original and some French movies using our monthly pass.

So we live life as many of you do every day. We have witnessed some strike parades with little disruption to our lives.

Admittedly some things are different- for example when asked in a French spot “what do you want for breakfast?” you are being asked if you want hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Only at Paris’ Breakfast in America do you order anything that resembles an American breakfast- real pancakes and hasbrowns.

But alas, no grits or biscuits. Say hello to Cracker Barrel and enjoy breakfast for me.