My first blog from Paris!

Jim and I just returned from helping cook and serve 65 men, women and children at the American Cathedral Mission Lunch, an every Friday event with table service and a three-course meal including French cheese and green salad, served French-style of couse between the plat du jour and dessert. College students from my home state of Georgia helped prepare and serve today. I debated with another Savannah native, my hometown, which Savannah southern cooking restaurant is the best, Mrs. Wilkes or Paula Deen’s Lady & Sons. We both agreed Mrs. Wilkes, with that boarding house reach, reigns as a sentimental favorite.

The weather continues to be beautiful here, a perfect Florida early spring day and North Carolina summer. Monday we take the TGV fast train south to Bourg-en-Bresse for a two-night stay at Chateau Andelot, about 1.5 hours either way to Annecy and Lyon. Hiking, enjoying our rental car in the country, a day in Annecy overlooking the Alps and Lake Geneva, can’t wait!

I am finishing the “Diana Chronicles” by Tina Brown, a good read. The hospital where Diana died is near us so I will write more about the 10th anniversary date here.

While this blog will be a regular publication, next week we hope to have my annual report newsletter up with photos.

Jim will  soon blog to his most frequently asked question “what do you do all day in Paris?”

Loving Paris, Pam

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  1. Ronnie Says:

    Congratulation on your new Blog. How nice that we’ll have more regular/frequent notes from you and Jim from Paris. I’m also looking forward to more pictures. Fromage. Yummo. That takes me back to my final purchase in Paris at the Fromagerie near your apartment on St. Germaine. My current read is a selection from my book club, “The Black Rose” by Tananarive Dru, which I’m enjoying very much. The story is based on the life of Madame C.J.Walker, America’s first black female millionaire, and is testament to what the human spirit can accomplish. While based on the historical research of Alex Haley, it is a novel. So I wonder, was her “Wish Board” truth or fiction. Was she practicing self-actualization a century ago? I’d like to think so. I had another thought, do you think if we “Blogacise” we’ll loose weight?


  2. Lois A Herron Says:

    Great to hear from you and I enjoyed your blog. Yesterday I met Cuma & Joe at the American Legion and we had breakfast waterside. She & Joe are doing fine and still “doing” Elderhostel and Senior Summer School so they are on the move all the time. I am still very active with AARP. I finished 5 years as State President and am in my 6th year as a member of the State Executive Council, serve as an inspector on Election Day and am Chairman of our condo building. On May 4th I will be leaving for a cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Montreal — 13 days on Holland America’s Masdamm. Again, good to hear from you and stay healthy. Lois

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